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An affiliation of individuals who have flown, maintained, (or who simply love) the "A-4 Skyhawk"; and who are dedicated to the perpetuation of the legend, history, traditions, and camaraderie associated with the greatest attack aircraft ever built. JOIN US!

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"The 8,500-pound-thrust J52 engine was first built for the North American Hound Dog missile. With models producing 11,200 pounds of thrust, the J52 soon became the Navy's workhorse, powering McDonnell Douglas' A-4 Skyhawk series and Grumman's A-6 Intruder and EA-6B Prowler. More than 5,000 J52 engines were produced, spanning nearly three decades."

The Skyhawk Association would like to thank Pratt and Whitney for their generous support of our mission.


Pensacola Reunion VA164 Ghostriders / VA163 Saints!
November 5-9! Plenty of socializing, joint dinner Thursday evening. Springhill Suites (VA164), Holiday Inn (VA163)
Rooms at good block rates.

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There's A Magical Place Where A-4 Skyhawks Still Fly Off Carriers?

Rollout of Brazil's first upgraded Skyhawk, the AF-1B.

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