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The Scooter Ship's Store and PX
This page provides links to merchandise that may be of interest to Skyhawk fans. With the exception of Skyhawk Association items, this is not a Skyhawk Association Store, you deal directly with the vendor. The Skyhawk Association does not normally "officially endorse" commercial products and any exceptions are clearly identified as such. These links are provided as a convenience only.
Last updated daw 05 FEB 2011

Skyhawk Association Items
Flying Supplies and A/C Parts
Uniforms, Medals, Patches, Pennants, etc.
Customized Clothing
Aircraft Models
Aviation Art
Aviation Books
Aviation Stills / Videos / Films
Skyhawk Simulation Software

Skyhawk Association Items.

"SA" Patch
"SA" Shirt
"SA Window Sticker - (Decal #1)

"SA" Bumper Sticker - (Decal #2)

The VA-163 reunion shirts & poster are available on this website…while supplies last.

Flying Supplies and A/C Parts

Webmasters Note: Information on no-cost or low-cost replacement parts and pieces for A-4 Skyhawk restoration is best obtained via communication with other individuals or organizations (air museums, etc.) who have already been through that hoop. A list of A-4 Skyhawks on display and their locations is posted on the Skyhawk Association web site. Also below see the "official sources" for a/c parts.

Flying Supplies/Parts

Derco Aerospace
Boeing licensed
Boeing licensed

Warbird Alley

Reference Source

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Uniforms, Medals, Patches, Decals, Pennants, etc.

Uniforms, Medals +

Uniforms 4You

Military decals-

design decal for free.

Aviation Patches and Stuff

Plane Crazy Patches

Navy/Marine Aviators

Embossed Pennants/
Money Clips
from VA-741 Vet

Custom Vehicle License Plate Frames

from USAF Vet Pilot.

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Customized Clothing

Embroidered Apparel

Wings 4 Aviators

Personalized Shirts,
Caps, Wine

Aero Shirts

Customized clothing
and accessories

Pride Of Service

Custom Art +

UnitWear Items

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Aircraft Models

Skyhawk Scale Models
The Skyhawk Association does not sell models of the Skyhawk aircraft. However, the following is a partial list of web site business addresses advertising A-4 Skyhawk scale models for sale. This list is offered only for viewer convenience and does not constitute product endorsement nor assure product quality, costs, or buyer satisfaction by the Skyhawk Association.

The Hangar

The Ancient Mariner

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Aviation Art

R.G. Smith, Aviation Artist.
"Among the fraternity of artists who have recorded the history of flight on canvas, R. G. Smith is regarded by many as the American Master". Tom Crouch, Senior Curator at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Mueseum.

Delphic Fine Art

Dave Garcia/Bill Clark
Engineering Art, Cutaways, +

Stephen Mudgett, Aviation Artist and a former AQ2.
Custom Profile Illustrations of primarily NAVAIR subjects. Created in collaboration with the customer, depicting an accurate rendering of the a/c. His home page is a tribute to his father, LCDR Frank Mudgett, who flew A-4s.

Hank Caruso Aviation Art

"The Most Distinctive Images In Aviation Art"

Aviation Art Hangar

Former Marine - "Fine aviation art from aviation enthusiasts, for aviation enthusiasts".

Jim Caiella Aircraft Illustrations , ,

High Iron Illustrations

Last of the Scooter Drivers
Lithograph by Jim Qualls - Graphic Artist

At The Merge - Lithograph

Tim Wilson - Artist

Profiles / 3D Artwork


Aviation Art In Metal!

"If you can dream it, I can design and build it!"
Examples of Glen Porter's Work.

Joe Chambers Print Art

Artwork Navy

Navy/Marine Aviation

A-4 Profile Drawings


Custom Art +

Military Art

Argentina Combat Art

Captain Exequiel Martinez
Javier “Jabo” Ruberto Aircraft
Illustrations of Argentina

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Aviation Books

  • US Navy and Marine Corps A-4 Skyhawk Units Of The Vietnam War" by Peter Mersky (SA Member) / Osprey Combat Aircraft - 69, 2007, ISBN 13: 978 1 84603 181 6

  • "Skyhawks - The History of the RNZAF Skyhawks by Don Simms and Nick Lee Frampton

  • An A-4 Skyhawk Pilot in Vietnam" by Stephen R. Gray (SA Member) /, NOV 2007, ISBN 978-1-59114-342-0

  • Read RADM Jeremy Taylor's review of "Shadows of War",
    AND his interview with the author - Skyhawk Robert Gandt.

  • Neil Levin, a Skyhawk Association Member, has a new book out that features his two combat tours in Vietnam flying our beloved Skyhawk. It is highlighted by a bombing mission over North Vietnam where he successfully destroyed a bridge but was shot down and then rescued. This shoot down was orignially published in a Skyhawk Newsletter and in Aero Magazine.
    The title of the book is "An Angel Rode My Wing" and is published by "Leatherneck Publishing". It is currently in the MCAS Mirimar Air Museum gift shop and the March AFB Air Museum and is presently being reviewed by the Marine Corps Association and the Marine Corps Aviation Association for review in the next "Yellow Sheet," their quarterly magazine and also in the next Leatherneck Magazine. It will also be mentioned in MOAA Magazine. The book is ISBN# 0-9771431-0-4.

  • Association Member Scott McGaugh has authored a new book on the U.S.S. Midway called Midway Magic.

  • Ginter Books: Aviation Books, including the A-4 Skyhawk.

  • Available now from Crowood Press, "McDonnell Douglas A-4 Skyhawk" tells the story of one of the most revered attack aircraft ever to fly with the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. From its conception in the early 1950s through its final flight in 1999, the Skyhawk's rich history is covered in detail, with special emphasis on its crucial role in the Vietnam War. Over 200 pages, with charts and squadron listings and deployments. Illustrated by nearly 200 photographs and an 8-page color section.
    ISBN No. 1-86126-340-6. $52.95.
    Written by Skyhawk Association member Brad Elward.

  • Your Signal is Charley by Ron Rypel.
    From the author: "There is some history in it, as I write about the glory days of flying the old SNJ, the great SPAD ...! ... I describe the book as autobiographical fiction.... I needed to bend and twist real life to make the story work, but as I explain, most of it is basically true, although some of the flight events are old sea stories you might have heard before. As far as I know, they are true. .... Part of the book deals with my A4 experiences in Vietnam...."

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Stills / Videos / Films


Aviation Stills/Videos

Return With Honor!

(PBS Documentary - Vietnam POWs)

Flattop Flashback Video

Adcom, INC.

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Skyhawk Simulation Software

Yankee Air Pirate is based on real SE Asia combat sorties

X-Plane Skyhawk
by Andy Bright.

Scooters Vol 1. - Ronald Zambrano

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