NAS Glenview

Glenview, IL

Point of Contact - Squadron Duty Officer (SDO)

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  • 1923: First Naval presence established in the area.
  • 1940: Naval Reserve Aviaton Base is moved to former Curtiss-Reynolds Airport.
  • 1943: NAS Chicago is established.
  • 1944: NAS Chicago renamed NAS Glenview.
  • 1999: NAS Glenview is closed.

Air Wings
  • Baseflight: Tail Code = 7V

Commanding Officers
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  • August 31, 1964:
    USMC Capt. Charles R. Ferree escaped with facial burns, moments before his A-4B BuNo 142816 exploded after an unsuccessful takeoff attempt at NAS Glenview.
    Daily Herald, September 3, 1964, Chicago, IL

  • September 21, 1967:
    LCdr. H. Donald Bryant safely ejected from his fiery A-4B BuNo 142858 and landed 15 miles from where the craft plummeted to earth and exploded in a cornfield near Lindenwood, IL.
    Freeport, IL Journal Standard, Friday, September 22, 1967

  • 196x to DEC 1971: VA-209 (aka VA-725) Air Barons flew at NAS Glenview 196x to DEC 1971.

  • July 7, 1968:
    Lt. William T. Reinders, assigned to VA-727, ejected from A-4B 142675 shortly after takeoff and was injured. A 13 year old girl perished in her home
    Eau Claire, WI The Daily Telegram article
    Cedar Rapids, IA The Cedar Rapids Gazette article

  • 1972: VMA-543 flew A-4L Skyhawks at NAS Glenview during the 1972 timeframe.

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Webmaster note:
Prior to 1970, reserve aircraft belonged to the local NARTU or Reserve Naval Air Station. Except for those squadrons on active duty, as in Korea, no reserve squadron "owned" their aircraft, as they were assigned to the NARTU/Station. In 1970, during that reorganization of the reserves into the "Reserve Force" concept, each new squadron was made independent of NARTU (later called NAR), and assigned either to CVWR-20 or CVWR-30. All squadrons were then made in the image of active duty units, with the reserve unit Commanding Officer owning the aircraft and reporting to the CAG. On this site you will find all era reserve combat aircraft images in the appropriate squadron photo page, and only non-combat support aircraft images in the reserve station photo page.Exceptions are below.

AUG 1970:
NAS Glenview BuNo 147669.
P. Stevens Photo, from Gary Verver.

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