Location: MCAS El Toro
Date: 1959-63
Photo credit: Barbara Glazer
Contact: Barbara Glazer
Description: "Pictures were taken at El Toro marine base between 1959-1962. My husband, Cpl. Robert H. Glazier (Baby Huey) was stationed there. Some of his buddies were John Craig Smith (Smitty), from New Haven, CT and Willard Lucus (Luke), from Chicago, IL.
One of my memories was the xmas party the squadron had for orphaned boys in the hangar. All the guys bought toy guns and holsters for themselves and the kids, and played cowboys in the hangar. Santa rode in on top of a jet, in front of the tail. They made snowmen out of tumbleweed and painted them white.
There also was the great football game between the Marines and the guys from Tustin (LTA). Eel Toro won!
And then their was the blood these guys lined up for to give a little girl blood.
We loved renting tents from special services and camping on Huntington Beach, it was called "Tin Can Beach" at the time, because that's what was thrown on the beach."
Barbara A. Glazier wife of Cpl Robert H. Glazier.