A4D-2 Douglas Skyhawk (A-4B)

A4D-2 Douglas Skyhawk (A-4B)

  • The third production run consisted of A4D-2 (A-4B), although one more production run of A-4As would be built. BuNo 142082, first A4D-2.

  • Many improvements were incorporated into the A4D-2 (A-4B) Skyhawk. Note the rudder has supporting ribs on the outside, rather then inside. This change was introduced as a temporary fix for "rudder flutter" discovered during testing of the A4D-1; but remained as a fixture of all future Skyhawks.

  • BuNo142084 carrying a "Buddy Store" on the centerline stores station demonstrates the new in-flight capability as both receiver and deliverer. Douglas pioneered this new capability with the A4D-2. The A4D-2 had three external stores stations, and could carry the "Buddy Store" on the centerline with two external fuel tanks on the wing stations.

  • Powered by the Curtiss-Wright J65-W-16A, some were upgraded to a newer version of this engine, the J65-W-20.

  • The A4D-2 was equipped with a radar altimeter, with the transmitter/receiver unit mounted in a canoe shaped housing under the left wing near the wing tip. Other improvements are documented on the "Technical Data" page.

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