A-4M Skyhawk

A-4M Skyhawk

(Also referred to as the Skyhawk II)

  • To be designed specifically for use by the U.S. Marine Corps, two A-4Fs (BuNos 155042 and 155049) were re-worked into A-4M configuration for flight test purposes.

  • The A-4M was delivered with the 11,200 lb thrust Pratt & Whitney J52-P408 engine with a smokeless burner can. This is the most powerful engine put in the domestic Skyhawk.

  • A larger bubble-style canopy gave increased-visibility, and some more head-room for the tall guys.

  • A ribbon-type drag chute was installed under the tail for short field landings of the type Marine Expedition Forces would likely encounter.

  • A repositioned IFF antenna atop a squared-off vertical fin gave the tail a new look. The nose too got a new look.

  • The last 24 A-4M aircraft produced (BuNo 160241 to 160264) were delivered with some enhancements and consideration was given to renaming them A-4Y. However, this idea was quickly shot down. Said enhancements included increased TO/landing/trap weights, Laser Maverick and the Angle Rate Bombing System, plus Sidewinder capabilities.

  • Douglas Spec Sheet.

  • Argentina purchased 36 surplus A-4Ms, which were re-designated A-4AR.

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